Piazzo del Campo

The Piazzo del Campo is the historical and cultural center of Siena, Italy.  Siena is the quintessential fortified city of Tuscany. Inside it’s ancient Roman walls, beautiful Gothic buildings lean snugly together.  It is a UNESCO heritage site that takes you back in time.

 The city is probably best known for its annual Palio di Siena.  During the summer the city wards (neighborhoods) compete against each other in a horse race around the Piazza del Campo that harkens back to medieval traditions . It is a wild and wooly race with colorful crowds and the beauty of the city on full display.

The city is a treasure of art and architecture with the Piazzo del Campo as its central gem. The square fans out into 9 segments that at one time represented the 9 ruling governors of the region. Leading away from the segments are dim but inviting streets that feed out into the rest of the city.  



The architectural wonders of the Palazzo Pubblico and its  Torre del Mangia stand sentry over the piazza.  The Palazzo Pubblico was the central building where all government and civic activities took place.  The Torre del Mangia was constructed as part of the Palazzo Pubblico between 1325 and 1348.  At its 102 meters height, it was meant to match the height of the nearby Duomo of Siena in order to signify the equal power between the church and the civic government.


The architectural and construction details of the Piazza do not begin to describe the impressiveness of this square.  In modern Tuscany it is a place to gather and a place to show your city colors and pride.  There are vendors and visitors, fountains and street performers, and the ubiquitous city flags bursting with energy everywhere.  


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