Go Learn Things on my birthday week.

I realized this week that if my blog name is Go Learn Things, I should be documenting the “things I am learning” on a more regular basis. I will try to share weekly some of my explorations.

April 9-15, 2017

Here in Wisconsin spring is slooooowly revealing itself.  This equates to an occasional sunny warm day surrounded by many chilly rainy days.  But, it isn’t snowing anymore, there is hope in the air and tiny buds on the trees.

Finally, I can get outside and relieve my cabin fever.  To ward off that cabin fever through March I may have overestimated my capacity to learn new things. I am feeling kind of disjointed and need to settle my focus on just one project for a bit.
Here are the my current Go Learn Things:  

  • Home Brewing (Go Learn Things)

    Using my Christmas present on my Birthday

    My son and his buddies have been brewing for years.  I guess I felt left out.  This great beginner kit came from Northern Brewer.  It had every last item and ingredient you would need.  Detailed instructions kept me on track and when I ran down to their actual brick and mortar facility I found amazing customer service.  I know I am going to be addicted to this new hobby.

    Northern Brewer
    Birthday Brewing 2017

    Real Estate Photography
    (Go Learn Things)


    Go Learn Things
    Practicing Real Estate Photography

    This is an exciting new skill I am working on.  I hope to join Tina Leann Photography as their Real Estate Photographer.  I have been scouring Youtube and Udemy for helpful tutorials.


  • Knitting Lace with linen yarn
    (Go Learn Things)

    Go! Learn Things
    Not loving knitting with linen.

    This may seem like a silly one to include.  I have been knitting for years and some would question that this is a new skill.  This particular fiber, linen, and this style, lace, have proven to be my Achilles Heel.  The fiber is wiry, stiff and slippery and the in-process knitting looks like a mess! The knitting style of lace has escaped me in many other attempts over the years.  Lace is basically designed holes in your fabric and this negative space makes it impossible to identify mistakes. Let alone repair them. Thanks to friends at my LYS (local yarn store) I am going to persevere or die trying!! They promise me that the linen will block out beautiful when done. Also they have given me some invaluable tips on marking my place in the negative space of lace.  Thanks Cream City Yarn

  • Glassblowing (Go Learn Things)

    Glassblowing is an activity that we often seek out when traveling.  These little gems of local art are a great way to follow the road less traveled. We found Square One Art Glass just a few miles from home.  They offer a variety of classes and group outings.  With one so close we may start to advance our skills.

  • Videography (Go Learn Things or NOT)

    Finally, I have saved this one for last because it is my least successful endeavor.
    It is tough for me to abandon new things before I have grasped at least a rudimentary skill set.  However, I am also aware of the need to cut my losses sometimes.  As I mentioned at the beginning I have too many new challenges started right now.  Sadly videography is going to be left to the pros.  The gear and post-processing software is all too expensive and too steep of a learning curve for me right now.  That doesn’t mean I won’t revisit this or continue to dabble. It just needs to simmer for a while.

    At last, below was a very fun project with my grandson.  After weeks of struggling with this action camera footage I processed a few clips and figured out how to get it uploaded.


FYI: I have shared some links to my learning resources here but there are no affiliations involved.

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