California Central Coast Improv

Last Updated on January 6, 2018 by Janet Frost

Traveling as Baby Boomers is intoxicating. We have a sensation of anything is possible. Follow our Central Coast Improv and see what is possible.

Central coast improv
There was no choice but to to let the wind carry us because it was so strong.

However, we also like lists and plans. I research for a trip with great passion. It is a major part of what I love about traveling. So it is with some surprise that I realize I must name this trip the California Central Coast Improv. A few times my intensely researched itinerary came in handy, but more often than not, we threw it to the wind literally and figuratively.

My plans were that we would spend 3 days in Paso Robles and then 3 days in San Francisco.  I was half way right.  We did spend 3 days in San Francisco but only about 3 minutes in Paso Robles driving through.

We had a fabulous trip and left lots to do for a return trip. Another California Central Coast Improv sounds perfect.  Stay tuned for more detailed posts over the next week on this adventure. I have shared a few tempting pictures below.


Hearst Castle
Hearst Castle was sparkling on this gorgeous day. No wonder Hearst called it Cuesta Encantada (Enchanted Hill)
elephant seal coast
These male Elephant Seals were the most prehistoric thing I have ever encountered.
Morro Bay Beach
Beachcombing collage
Monterey Bay Aquarium
I am not sure how thrilled I would be to see this Giant Pacific Octopus while diving, so I was glad to see him behind glass at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Golden Gate Bridge
May in San Francisco is often grey and chilly. This view of Golden Gate Bridge proves the point.

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