6 Ways to Enjoy San Luis Obispo County

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California is a huge state.  Every time we visit we over-estimate how much we can accomplish.   This month we visited the Central Coast of California which consists of Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.  We narrowed it down to  San Luis Obispo County, which is a whopping 3,616 square miles.  In the spirit of realistic expectations, here are 6 ways to enjoy San Luis Obispo county.

Hike San Luis Obispo County

When planning any trip I search online for hiking in the region. San Luis Obispo County was full of possibilities. We stayed in Morro Bay and the Montana de Oro State Park seemed close on the map. First I found the 9 best  SLO coastal hikes, featured among the 9 were three hikes in Montana de Oro SP. Then I reached out to my fellow blogger from California, Suzanne Stavert at adventuresofemptynesters.com and she called this state park a “must-do”. Finally, I received tips from a representative at Visit San Luis Obispo County and they also recommended Montana de Oro SP.

Sounds like enough endorsements for me.

Montana de Oro State Park

Highlights of San Luis Obispo
Park map for Montana de Oro



This park lived up to all the positive reviews.  It covers 8000 acres with seven miles of coastline. There are numerous trails for hiking, biking, horse back riding, and even an ADA accessible path for several miles along the shoreline.  There are primitive camp sites and picnic areas. Its sandy beaches, dramatic bluffs and deep tide pools make it a perfect destination for  fishermen, surfers, beach combers, and of course photographers. Montaña de Oro is one of the largest state parks in California. Be sure to visit even if you are not hikers. All ages will love the spectacular vistas, ocean breezes and pounding surf.





 Valencia Peak Trail


We chose the Valencia Peak Trail.  It was a narrow trail of 4.2 miles round trip with a moderately rigorous climb of 1275 feet in elevation change.  Thanks to the constant ocean breezes it was not terribly hot  but water is always recommended. The views along the trail were wonderful and due to this year’s wet spring the wildflowers were a special treat.

View back towards Morro Bay and Morro Rock
San Luis Obispo County
The clouds hang low as we hike towards the peaks
These rocks below harbored little tidal pools full of critters.



Paddle in San Luis Obispo County

Enjoy San Luis Obispo
Morro Bay on Central Coast of California



Morro Bay is a small protected harbor teeming with marine and bird species.  The waters inside the bay are shallow and calm.  It is set as a marine protected area designed to preserve ocean wildlife and marine ecosystems. These conditions make it a perfect spot for kayaks or SUPs.





Kayak in Morro Bay

There are outfitters available in both towns of Morro Bay on the north end, and Los Osos on the south end (AKA as the Back Bay). First thing in the morning it is quiet except for the wildlife and birds. It is often shrouded in the marine fog layer and an ethereal experience.



Kayak at Avila Beach

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to kayak at Avila Beach but it is an adorable little beach town that I will discuss in the next section.  Avila Beach Paddlesports offers paddling tours of the Point San Luis Lighthouse. We tried to drive to the lighthouse and discovered that you had to have a tour to visit.  A kayak tour  would be a wonderful way to get to this lighthouse.  Next visit I will remember this.


Beaches in San Luis Obispo County

Before discussing any specific beaches I must say that the Central Coast in May is pretty windy and cool.   It was perfect weather for hiking and kayaking but laying in a bikini or splashing in the ocean did not feel appealing to me.  We don’t usually  just lay on a beach anyway so if you want to walk in the surf or beachcomb these are some great beaches.

Pismo State Beach

Starting on the south end of San Luis Obispo County in the San Luis Obispo Bay is Pismo State Beach.   The city declares itself the “classic California beach town.” This summer the iconic pier is under construction though, which makes it a little less “classic”.

Avila  State Beach

I begged to go this far south because I was looking for a lighthouse to visit.  We could not figure out how to get out there without booking a tour and the day was waning on us. So we walked around  Avila Beach,  a charming little beach town.  There were hearty souls sunning and splashing along the shore. Avila Beach is also a dog-friendly beach and the dogs were loving it.   The chilly breezes kept us up off the sand and we close to wine offerings on sunny and warm patios instead. The farmer’s market and a live band added to the charm.  This would have been a great little spot to stay for a couple of days.


Avila Beach Pier

Morro Beaches

The beach on the immediate north side of Morro Rock is Morro Beach and stretches for miles as it connects to Atascadero Beach, Morro Strand State Beach, and Cayucos State Beach. Beautiful and protected sand dunes surround much of the beach.  The adjacent RV campground had great access to this lovely beach. If you are a distance beach runner this is your paradise.


Wildlife spotting in San Luis Obispo

 Piedra Blanca Elephant Seals Rookery

Just north of San Simeon (Hearst Castle) is  Piedras Blancas Rookery  Here you can experience the Elephant Seals.  These critters were splayed across the strip of rocky beach as far as the eye could see. It was hard to tell if they were alive, it looked like a veritable massacre with animals laying on top of each other and molting skins littering the sand. They were absolutely pre-historic in sights and sounds. According to the kiosk literature these were the mothers and young males that have to return to this beach to shed their blubbery skins before heading back out to open seas.  The young males have the extraordinary probopscises and impressive bellowing bark.  There is just no way I can begin to convey the sensory assault of this beach.  It was surreal.


Bird watching along the coast

It is probably obvious by now that I am a bit of a bird lover. However, I have a long way to go when it comes to photographing wild birds. The equipment necessary to really accomplish bird photography is beyond my means. But here are a few shots:

I think this was a Golden Eagle that was riding the thermals above us.
Pelican airshow
A little practice taking a moving shot. Oh wait! that’s not a bird.



Imbibe in San Luis Obispo County

For every hike we take there needs to be a debriefing over a drink.  Personally, in California, it should be wine. The express purpose of this trip was to explore the wine region of Paso Robles.  Paso Robles is rapidly becoming a trendier and fresher wine destination than Napa or Sonoma. Unfortunately, our underestimate of time caught up with us before we were able to explore this wine region thoroughly.


We made one all-encompassing stop at the Grey Wolf Cellars/Barton Family Wines. Here we found great wines, food and a distillery in the back.  Check out my post on our visit to Grey Wolf Cellars.  Paso Robles offers a vast array of vineyard experiences.  The website hosted by the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance gives every type of guidance you might need to explore the region.

Craft Beer

In order to keep both partners happy in our travel team, we devote equal time to craft beer as to wine. California is ripe with big name breweries. While we do like to try all sizes of breweries, when pushed we will always choose the small more intimate brewery.   In this case, with our limited time we squeezed in one small place on the Morro Bay embarcadero, The Libertine Brewpub.

The Libertine Brewing Company has a couple of locations within the Central Coast area.  The laid-back vibe of The Libertine Brewpub with funky live music was perfect for an evening after hiking and droning.  We enjoyed their 48 taps of edgy local beers and great food. They describe their beer this way:

Serving unique and delicious barrel aged wild ales has been our priority since the beginning.
All of our wild ales spend the night in an open-top coolship.  This process allows the local wild yeasts of our area to naturally start the fermentation process. Relying on our environment gives our beers a true Central Coast terroir.”

I am slowly learning to appreciate the taste of wild and/or sour styles of beer. But I do love the spirit of adventure and experimentation a brewery with this philosophy offers.
There are so many great places to imbibe in the San Luis Obispo county that we are already planning a return trip.   I love this post from Lia at Practical Wanderlust, that gives a very thorough breakdown of spots to visit.

Discover Culinary treats in San Luis Obispo County



San Luis Obispo County Overview

In the end, this still turned into a monster post.  You can see why it is necessary to make realistic goals when visiting the huge and diverse state of California. This ruggedly beautiful country captured my heart. We were only able to spend three nights in San Luis Obispo County and our days were packed full.  Plan on a full week and you will still need to prioritize. But Enjoy!



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  1. Yes, you need many days to fully enjoy San Luis Obispo. There is plenty of hiking and biking. Many people like to rent kayaks to explore the caves along Shell Beach where Dinosaur Caves Park is. Don’t look as you pass Pirate’s Cove, the local nude beach. In Morro Bay you can rent kayaks for one or two people, as well as paddle boards and electric boats. Just be careful you don’t get too close to the entrance as the tide is going out. The weather can be fickle along the coast, but if you plan well, you can change to do something inland. Around Templeton you can actually rent bikes to go riding out to the vineyards. While out at Montana de Oro, don’t miss the beach at Hazard Canyon. Oh, and check out my blog for info on the PIG CHUTE there, where they loaded pigs onto ships. It is an interesting bit of info as well as the small smuggler’s cove there. We live in a great place here with a lot of natural beauty. If you have any questions about the area, feel free to contact me through my blog. I’ll give you the whole deal on our area.

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