Kenosha Will surprise you, in so many ways.

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Kenosha Will surprise you

This spring I attended a travel conference in downtown Milwaukee.  One of the pre-conference activities was a tour hosted by Visit Kenosha.  I admit thinking that this was a tour for the out-of-towners.  I did not think there was anything new for me in Kenosha.  After the conference many of the attendees started posting articles about how impressed they had been by Kenosha.   My fellow bloggers said: “Kenosha will surprise you”. Maybe I had really missed something.

Kenosha will surprise
Simmons Island harbor and lighthouse in Kenosha, WI



Kenosha, WI

Kenosha is a town of about 100,000 people, located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, 40 minutes south of Milwaukee and 10 miles north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border. Over the last several years, the town has made a serious commitment to presenting itself as a tourist destination. Kenosha boasts miles of beaches and lakefront parks. Several historical museums and a reviving downtown scene.



Drone Flying on Kenosha beaches

Last weekend we headed out for some hiking and drone flying. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to find some place new.  Taking those travel posts to heart I chose the Pike Bike Trail in Kenosha.   The trail is paved and designed to be a biking/hiking path. It covers 10 miles through Kenosha County. We picked up the trail at Carthage College on the north side of town and walked three miles to the Simmons Island Lighthouse.  The route took us along clean, quiet beaches with well maintained facilities and adjacent parks. Kenosha will surprise you with the quality of their beaches.


The uncrowded beaches were perfect for our drone escapades.  A colony of seagulls were enticing photo subjects. The Simmons Island Lighthouse sparkling red in the summer sun, lured us along the trail.  This lighthouse is privately owned now and set up as an artist gallery and studio.  During the summer they advertise that they have artists-in-residence each week, but it was not open on this Sunday afternoon that we visited.  There were some samples of the current muralist on the door of the lighthouse.


Simmons Island in Kenosha, WI


As our feet were tired and our tummies empty we stopped at the Kenosha Yacht Club for a late lunch.  It is located on Simmons Island also and open to the public.  The food was typical old-school supper club with lots of fried foods and classic choices. There was a comfortable patio for outside dining that looked at the harbor and across to downtown Kenosha.  Downtown Kenosha offers several other dining choices if you are not concerned about tired feet.

Kenosha will surprise



Take a day to enjoy Kenosha’s beaches

We kept this a simple, single purpose day trip and were thrilled with the experience. Kenosha will surprise you, it did us. Here are some links to other blog posts that highlight some of the museum and downtown options. I know that the Jelly Belly Tour ranks high ( although it is technically in neighboring Pleasant Prairie). Between England and Iowa shows off the Jelly Belly Tour, Lori Loves Paris shares about the museums here and here. Olio in Iowa tells about her climb in the Southport Lighthouse.

Kenosha Will Surprise you

I highly recommend you take an excursion to Kenosha.

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  1. Great post! I love the photos. Makes me want to get a drone. Isn’t it fun to find new places to explore in Wisconsin!

  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout! We loved exploring Kenosha and couldn’t agree more—this Wisconsin community is full of surprises.

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