5 Reasons to Discover Roseville Minnesota

Where and why Roseville Minnesota, you ask.  Roseville Minnesota is perfectly positioned for a visit to the Twin Cities.  Because of its location along the 35W corridor, just 20 minutes north of St. Paul and 20 minutes east of Minneapolis, Roseville makes the perfect home base to explore the cities. Let’s look at 5 reasons to discover Roseville Minnesota.

Minneapolis/St. Paul

My oldest son attended the University of Minnesota in downtown Minneapolis. During those couple of years we made many trips to the Twin Cities. Traveling to visit college students involves more attitude adjusting, IKEA furniture building and cash infusing than sightseeing. So years later, I wanted to see the Twin Cities as a relaxed traveler instead of a stressed parent.

The Twin Cities have a very contemporary and forward-thinking personality.  Urban planners focus on green technology and eco-friendly lifestyles.  Alongside the modern, the residents proudly honor their Scandinavian and pioneering heritage. In spite of their months of inclement weather, the Twin Cities embrace year round outdoor venues. The region boasts eclectic architecture, parks, bike lanes, walking paths, and scads of public art.

5 Reasons to Discover Roseville Minnesota

Let’s return to Roseville and why they are “Perfectly Positioned”. The Courtyard Minneapolis/Roseville by Marriott and Roseville Visitors Association graciously hosted a group of travel bloggers and helped us discover Roseville Minnesota.  I believe that these 5 reasons add up to the perfect traveling experience.


1. Art


As I mentioned before, Minneapolis is full of public art. We took a 20 minute ride over to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at The Walker Art Center. This collection of provocative art and serene green space nestles right in the center of the urban landscape. The Walker website boasts about the Sculpture Garden this way:

“This crown jewel of the city’s park system unites two of Minnesota’s most cherished resources—its parks and its cultural life.”

Discover Roseville Minnesota
Walker Art Center. A must-see on my next visit to Roseville Minnesota
A new iconic addition is the Hahn/Cock by Katharina Fritsch.


Discover Roseville Minnesota
Can Can Wonderland located in a re-purposed tin can factory.  Get it??

Can Can Wonderland is a new indoor entertainment in St. Paul. This is a surreal mix of art gallery, artists studio, and indoor amusement park. The high volume sights and sounds were a veritable assault on all the senses. An 18-hole mini-golf course featuring artist’s sculptures on each hole, and rows of antique arcade games keep young and old entertained.
The facility was recently opened by a group of artists
that wanted to create an artist-friendly space.

Frog Prince guards hole #7



Discover Roseville Minnesota
Entrance walls were covered with murals in various states of completion. Can Can provides space for muralists to work.

2. Science and Nature


Another opportunity to discover Roseville Minnesota is at the Minnesota Science Museum.  Recently, there is a trend for most large cities to offer an interactive Science/Nature Museum.  When I was a child Field museums were the thing, with static reproductive displays of far away worlds. But today’s connected generation expects to interact with the displays and I love these museums.  I judge the quality of these museums by the variety, accessibility, quantity and maintenance of their interactive displays.  Are there plenty of learning opportunities for all ages and challenge levels? Do the displays introduce current concepts in a wide array of sciences?  When a child interacts with the display do all the bells and whistles actually work? Do the museum staff also interact with the visitors in a captivating manner?

The Minnesota Science Museum hit high scores on all these criteria. I found myself frequently texting pics of displays to my grandson. I could imagine my husband, sons and grandsons (all tech geeks) being entertained by the displays.

Discover Roseville Minnesota
Entrance to Minnesota Science Museum
Discover Roseville Minnesota
Center atrium of the Science Museum. They performed science experiments regularly throughout the day in this space.






















Roseville MInnesota is perfectly positioned to visit The Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, located a quick 6 minutes south .  The Como Park Zoo has been a beloved outing for generations of children. Originally opened in 1897 as a Deer Park, the WPA added Monkey Island and the Bear Grotto in the 1930’s.  Even after the 1978 opening of the larger Minnesota Zoo, Como Park remains a popular family-friendly and intimate destination.  The zoo offers wonderful behind-the-scenes special group tours  with the opportunity to prepare and help feed the Polar Bears and Giraffes.
The zoo sits within Como Regional Park which also contains Como Town, a small amusement park,
the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, Como Golf Course and Como Lake.

3. Breweries

I search out breweries wherever I travel.  I found some brewing heavyweights and some new players, all proving why you should discover Roseville Minnesota.

BlackStack Brewing

BlackStack shares the building with Can Can Wonderland. Recently opened in April of 2017, BlackStack Brewing is already singing a siren song for beer snobs of the Twin Cities. We met Head Brewer Bob DuVernois – the former head brewer at Excelsior Brewing. He graciously chatted with us and proudly shared his delicious beers.  The space is large and retro-industrial encouraging relaxed beer enjoyment.


Bent Brewstillery

Bent Brewstillery considers their style truly “Bent”

Bartley Blume, the owner, declares everything they do is just a little “bent”. The term brewstillery, they claim to have coined to describe their dual processes of brewing and distilling.  Craft distilling appeals to many brewers and vintners. In his “Bent” style he offers some very unusual beers and spirits. His Irish-Style Poitín, a spirit, should I say moonshine, was an extremely unique taste. True beer adventurers should discover Roseville Minnesota and the non-traditional offerings of Bent Brewstillery.

Discover Roseville Minnesota
Irish-Style Poitín





Bent Flight. The Tropicot was a yummy sour and the Dark Fatha was an Imperial Stout I tasted in honor of my sons the Star Wars fans.


Surly Brewing is a big player in the craft beer world. Founder, Omar Ansari, credits the name Surly to “the anger fueled by the inability to find a good beer.” Every name they create, every beer they produce follows this same irreverence. The shiny “destination brewery”   dominates the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis.  On May 24, 2011 Governor Mark Dayton signed the “Surly Bill” into law, making it possible for breweries that produce less than 250,000 barrels each year to sell pints of their beer at their brewery.
This facility is truly a destination with brewery tours, gift shop, restaurant, several bars and outdoor lounges. Surly Brewing is a trendsetter in policy-making and in beer-making.  This brewery is dedicated to their flagship beer, Furious, with 100 barrel capacity.  Their original building in Brooklyn Center, MN, with a 30 barrel capacity remains the home of their smaller  more edgy brews.

Surly Nation leads the craft beer march.
Flashy, trendy and popular, Surly Brewing Co


4. Team Building Challenges

Whenever we travel we discover new things about the destination, but we also learn things about ourselves.  Typically we don’t think of team-building as a travel activity. So I was thrilled to find some very fun group activities during my discover Roseville Minnesota trip.  These activities could be enjoyed by traveling families, couples, girlfriends any style of group.

THAT Cooking School

Cooking experiences exist in most cities. Oftentimes, these are designed to teach specific cooking styles and techniques.  They give the attendees direct access to a chef and an industrial kitchen.  THAT Cooking School in St. Paul takes a slightly different approach.  T.H.A.T. actually stands for Teaching, Heart and Team Building.

Discover how well you might do in a Chopped episode.


The setup emulates the Food Network competitions such as the Chopped series.  We were divided into 5 groups of 6 and given a basket of mystery ingredients and a theme.  Then the groups hit the industrial cooking stations with one hour to produce one entree for the judge and 30 appetizers for the group.  We were virtually strangers. We had to rapidly work out a strategy, assign tasks and improvise frequently. Fun and mayhem pursued!

Discover Roseville Minnesota
Chef Bill Niemer greets us at the door




Kitchen work stations












Discover Roseville Minnesota
Let the judging begin.













Find more culinary tourism ideas on the Travel Themes: Culinary Tourism post.

Urban Adventure Quest

I shared in a previous post about taking an Urban Adventure Quest in the next city you visit.

Urban Adventure Quest
Take your family and friends on an Urban Adventure Quest

This group has created challenging and fun scavenger hunts for many cities across the country.  The hunt gives you and your team a great walking tour of the city while pushing your abilities to observe, follow directions, collaborate and explore. Check out UAQ for your next urban destination.






The Urban Adventure Quest takes you down to Mill Ruins Park in downtown Minneapolis


















Surprisingly, all the reasons I have given you to discover Roseville Minnesota are just a small sample.  With each activity and landmark I added to my list of reasons to return.

  • Walker Art Center-We enjoyed the Sculpture Garden but didn’t have time for the whole museum across the street.


  • Architecture-The Urban Adventure Quest took us past many amazing buildings but an architectural tour would be wonderful in both of the Twin Cities. A few standouts might be St. Paul Cathedral, Minnesota State Capitol, Landmark Center in St. Paul


  • St. Paul actually offers a Gangster tour that highlights notorious John Dillinger and Babyface Nelson.


  • The brand spanking new Vikings Stadium beacons to all even a Packer fan like me. They have tours of the facility and of course a Vikings/Packers game would be life-changing.


  • Breweries!! New breweries open every year and so many still wait for me to discover them. Just a short list might be; Fulton, Tin Whiskers, 12welve Eyes, Great Waters, Urban Growler……


Get out there and Discover Roseville Minnesota!


Disclaimer: Thank you to Visit Roseville  and Courtyard Roseville for the complimentary  accommodations. However, all opinions and views are ours.

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