My Gift to You: The 12 Days of Travel Themes


As a travel blogger I frequently hear this question:


“How do you find such interesting things to do?”


This very question is why I started blogging. The process of putting together an itinerary thrills me. I simply follow the path of curiosity.  The digital revolution presented us with the tools to become DIY travel agents. In a 12 part series I will share the themes and secrets I use to find interesting things to do. Let’s call it my Christmas gift to you:  The 12 Days of Travel Themes.

The 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Travel Themes
Traditional Christmas Celebration

I discovered some interesting facts about which days are actually The 12. Most of us can sing, or bluff our way through the Christmas carol. But do we know when this gift-giving tradition should start? I realized that I was mixing up Advent with The 12 Days of Christmas. ( The secular media seems to be equally confused.)

 Advent technically begins four Sundays before Christmas and leads up to December 24th. The 12 Days of Christmas on the other hand traditionally started on December 25th and led up to Epiphany January 5th.  Both celebrations have their roots in Christian religious traditions.  

The 12 Days of Travel Themes

In an effort to be historically correct, I will share The 12 Days of Travel Themes from December 25, 2017- January 5, 2018.  I don’t know about you but I always suffer Holiday Letdown during that week between Christmas and New Years.  That week is full of clean-up and gift returns, disappointment and reality-shock. So a few more gifts might ease the blues.  In contrast I really like that first week of January.  The post-holiday quiet is sweet.  A new year signals another chance to make amends, make a million dollars, make it to the gym, or maybe make a travel plan!

12 Days of Travel Themes
2018 Travel Planning



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Happy Holidays from Go! Learn Things.




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