Travel Themes Part 12: Oddities

Last Updated on January 25, 2018 by Janet Frost

Sadly, it is time to wrap-up this series.  I have really enjoyed researching and putting these posts together. I hope you have enjoyed the 12 Days of Travel Themes as well.  There has certainly been a plethora of ideas and many jumping off points shared over the last 12 days. Believe it or not there are so many more.  Today I am going to wrap-up and share just a few more ideas that didn’t find a home in the other posts.

Once more Let’s Go Learn Things….




Technically geocaching has been around since 2000 when GPS became available to civilians.  In theory it dates back to whenever treasure hunting began (perhaps pirate times?) The hunt involves finding a cache hidden at a specific GPS coordinate. has maps, clues, riddles, supplies and community. There are caches all over the world.  We participated in the early years and found it a blast. It introduced us to parks and landmarks we never knew existed, right in our backyard. At the time GPS was in its infancy and not terribly reliable.  Today GPS is available as an app on everyone’s phone. It is a great activity for all ages and gets you exploring outdoors!



Roadside Attractions: The biggest, smallest, weirdest etc.

I cannot describe this better than fellow blogger Tonya at Traveling Inspired Life. She is the official guru on roadside attractions across the U.S.

How about the:

Tonya gives tips on How to Find Roadside Attractions. This style of itinerary building really intrigues me.  I am planning several Midwest road trips in 2018. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to find out what roadside attractions I might find.



I include this one because I have wanted to travel to Pasadena, CA for the Rose Parade since I was a child.  Living in Wisconsin, a trip on New Years to California sounds perfect.  My dream includes going out early and taking a tour of the float building process or maybe even working on one. I want tickets to sit in the bleachers on a corner where all the bands actually play. My goal is to be there on New Years Day 2020!

There are other iconic parades or crowd events that you might want to travel for.

Super sports

Every sport has a championship finale game that would be worthy of a travel itinerary.

  • Football Superbowl
  • Baseball World Series
  • Soccer World Cup
  • Olympics
  • Kentucky Derby


Travel Wrap-up

When I started this series I wanted to communicate how many ways you can spice up life with travel. Ideally, I will never completely wrap-up travel themes and ideas. I really hope that you will consider leaving a comment on one or many of the posts so that I can learn even more ideas from you the reader. Also if you try any of the ideas shared over the last 12 days I would love to hear about your experience.

Every time I walk out my front door I am prepared to learn new things. Travel can be a far flung and expensive, but it can also be down the street.  I hope that these 12 Days  Travel Themes will prompt you to keep your eyes and ears open to new adventures.  New opportunities to Go Learn Things…


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  1. I live in Southern California and have had the opportunity to work on floats and to attend the parade and I must say, I highly recommend it! It is so amazing to see the floats up close and personal and see the amount of work that goes into making them happen.

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