The Purpose of Travel Bloggers: What is a Travel Blog?

Last Updated on January 5, 2021 by Janet Frost

Not long ago, my Millennial son stated, “I don’t understand the purpose of travel blogs. After all, any travel information I need I can get on Yelp.” 
Ouch!! This son never fails to spark introspection. So, what is a travel blog? Quickly, off the cuff, I tried to justify my blogging venture.

I discovered several years ago that the Millennials base their lives on Yelp (let that be a word to the wise business owner). But, what does a travel blog offer that goes beyond a Yelp review? To find some answers I thought I would look to some of the travel bloggers I follow and respect. In contrast to Yelp, travel blogs focus on topics that encourage and support every style of traveler. Travel bloggers are master storytellers, professional photographers, in-depth curators and modern day explorers. These are Travel Bloggers with purpose.

Let’s Go Learn Things about the purpose of Travel Blogs….

Surprises and Gems Around Every Corner

travel bloggers with purpose Theresa Carter Goodrich
Theresa Carter Goodrich, Travel Blogger and Author

Theresa Carter Goodrich at  The Local Tourist  has been blogging about  Chicago since 2002. She is a published author with the Two Lane Gems book series, now in its second volume.
I love her style of slow serendipitous travel. We share the philosophy that travel and exploration can be near or far, so keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Did someone say “Road Trip”…

travel bloggers

David and Angela Essington at Dang Travelers are based out of the Chicago suburbs. They are travel entrepreneurs with the ability to take long treks. Who among us hasn’t imagined taking off to explore from the open road. Some of their trips include the Historic Route 66, the Ultimate New England Road Trip, and a Deep Dive into the Deep South.

Stop and Laugh Along the Way…

travel bloggers

Sage Scott at the Everyday Wanderer writes of the value of family travel.  She and her family live in Kansas City. Sage has a great sense of humor in her writing and an open attitude of sharing with other bloggers. There is a fun extra on her blog called Postcards where bloggers create and share an actual postcard from their travels. They are wonderful little glimpses of places to visit and…yes learn things.

Follow the Stars…

Valerie Stimac focuses on one of the most unique travel niches I have ever encountered. Her specialty is Space Tourism. The mission (aka purpose) of this travel blog is:

…to help every traveler find wonder among the stars.

Embrace Small Towns…

Lara Dunning takes us on a journey through small towns with extraordinary experiences. She is based in Washington State and finds some spectacular spots at Small Town Washington and Beyond. My Pacific Northwest Bucket list is bulging thanks to Lara.

The Nest is Empty, Let’s Play…

travel bloggers with purpose

Suzanne Stavert at Adventures of Empty-Nesters is in Pasadena, CA. Her blog is my inspiration. She trends towards high-end travel, with reviews of beautiful restaurants and hotels.  Suzanne writes with a zest for life and adventure. She shares amazing experiences from Italy, Spain, Thailand and most recently Iceland. The overall feel of her blog is one of joy and excitement for each new phase of life.

Let’s Hike …

Leigh Wilson is the active/dog friendly travel blogger behind Campfires and Concierges. She is based in Tucson, AZ and we share a passion for the mountains and deserts of the Southwest.

Let’s Eat…

No compilation of travel bloggers would be complete without food. Travel bloggers embrace discovering new cultures. The best way to experience cultures is through the food. Lisa Lubin an emmy-winning Photojournalist shares her experience at Slow Travel. Eat Locally.

Let’s Drink…

It was once said, “man cannot live on bread alone…” Well of course he needs a cocktail! Jenn Tipton Beard knows just the right drink and the right spot to find it. Check her out at Cocktails Away

What is the Purpose of Travel Bloggers?

To answer my son’s question, I believe that travel bloggers are about discovering new ideas. Yelp gives you reviews but not new ideas or experiences. Travel blogs introduce you to places, activities and adventures you didn’t even know existed. Travel bloggers are storytellers. We all need stories to expand our horizons. The truth is we won’t each be able to visit every destination, but we can certainly learn about places and people through  travel bloggers’ stories. Take some time to learn from these 9 storytellers and their unique travel blogs.

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3 thoughts on “The Purpose of Travel Bloggers: What is a Travel Blog?”

  1. Janet, thank you for including me in your round up of great travel bloggers! I agree wholeheartedly with you. Travel bloggers are like Reddit (for the millennials) and Yelp combined. We find the unique nooks and crannies of travel, places & adventures you might never find. We also provide very candid personal stories. We share like we are talking to a friend. Nothing pretentious or off-putting. We are now even part of most marking budgets! Thanks for shining the spotlight on something I really care about!

  2. I just saw this for the first time. Thanks so much for including us! Agree completely especially with the storytelling aspect; we create a connection with our readers and the places we travel by sharing our stories.

  3. Hi Janet! Thanks for including me here. What a nice surprise.
    The term blogger is so broad and we are all so different, with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. But at the end of the day we are passionate about travel and know its transformative powers and want to inspire others to feel the same!

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