Midwest Summers

It is 95 degrees today in Wisconsin. Summer has officially arrived. Do you have your road trips and weekend getaways planned? Perhaps life has caught you unprepared. No problem. My friends at Midwest Travel Bloggers have some great ideas for summer fun all over the Midwest.  Let’s go learn things about Midwest Summers….




Robert McCormick
Chicago Tribune Building



Hamilton county
The Arts and Design District of Carmel, Indiana




Midwest Summers
Chilling on the porch at Living History Farms








Midwest Summers
Downtown Minneapolis


Midwest Summers
Missouri Caves






Midwest Summers
Summer Fields


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Midwest is the Best

The states that make up the Midwest are chock full of history, art, adventure, dining, drinking and beauty. Don’t “fly over” this summer, rather stop in and join the fun!!

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Midwest Summers

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