Wisconsin Treasure: Discovery World interactive museum

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In case my post on Nana’s nature clean-ups left you thinking my poor grandsons have to pick up trash all of the time, I want to share our recent trip to another Wisconsin Treasure. Milwaukee’s Discovery World, an interactive museum, promises hours of entertaining discoveries for all ages. 

Let’s Go Learn Things at Discovery World…

Discovery World Entrance

Located along the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline this is a most for any Milwaukee visit. It actually took us a while to even get inside the museum because the entrance itself offers interactive opportunities.
The sculptures, Wind Leaves, are surrounded by musical benches that can be played like xylophones and a musical sculpture that you can play by dropping pebbles into it. Created in 2006 by nature artist, Ned Kahn, Wind Leaves is a series of soaring aluminum columns that rotate with the wind. Located right outside Discovery World, the Leaves are covered with thousands of stainless steel disks that swirl and ripple with the wind, creating a kaleidoscope of reflections from the lake, the sky, and the city. 

What Makes a Quality Interactive Museum?

Discovery World always impresses me. Their exhibits are kept in good working order with plenty of stations to prevent crowding. The variety of science subjects range from simple machines to sophisticated robots, from a massive freshwater aquarium to a Great Lakes schooner. An entire wing is devoted to local hero, Les Paul, and his groundbreaking electric guitars. The displays and interactive opportunities undergo constant updates and keep pace with ever changing technology.

Great Lakes Hydrology

Hydrology is the scientific study of the movement, distribution, and quality of wateron Earth, including water resources and environmental watershed sustainability.

You wouldn’t think a complex science word like hydrology would appeal to kids. But think about it for a moment…most kids love a reason to play in WATER. The Discovery World interactive museum has an extensive section of hydrology concepts. There is even a life-sized model of the Great Lakes with real life thunderstorms.

The Challenger

This historic Great Lakes schooner is a fan favorite. Scrambling down into the galley, steering the ship and touching all the novel rigging intrigues everyone. 

The Dream Machine

Everyone knows that robot automation is changing the world around us. Rockwell Automation has created the newest display for this interactive museum. Working hard to entertain and teach are Gladys the tic-tac-toe robot, Dream Machine the foam toy creator and Music Factory the composition wizard.

There are even working models of the Calatrava Milwaukee Art Museum and the retractable dome of Miller Park Brewers Stadium.

Reiman Aquarium

interactive museum
Reiman Aquarium with critters from Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea

The Reiman Aquarium includes 10 tanks highlighting aquatic creatures from the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. In the  75,000-gallon Lake Michigan Tank you can observe unbelievable freshwater fish and divers interacting. The walk-through tunnel brings the Caribbean Tank up close and personal.

Denis Sullivan Tall Ship

During the summer season the S/V Denis Sullivan takes life-long learners out onto the waters of Lake Michigan. This is a real working sailing ship. The Denis Sullivan adds a unique dimension to this interactive museum.

interactive museum
Denis Sullivan leaves from the Discovery World dock twice daily

The S/V Denis Sullivan provides an array of genuine maritime experiences, from two-hour Lake Watches for families to multi-day educational sails for teens and adults. Water is the world’s most precious resource, and the S/V Denis Sullivan provides a unique platform from which to provide marine education, leadership training, and personal development to visitors of all ages.

Hours of FUN Learning!

There is so much more to discover at Discovery World. It is easy to spend hours of learning at this great interactive museum. If you are planning a visit to Milwaukee be sure to include Discovery World on you itinerary. If you are local and have not visited recently, make a point to check out all the new discovery opportunities. 

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