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The renowned Smithsonian calls for us to “Explore Science and Nature: Understanding the Cosmos and our Earth”. Humans of every race, gender and age have a vested interest in learning about the world around us. Science seems overwhelmingly complex domain of geniuses. Actually, science and nature is intimately accessible to all humankind.

Let’s Go! Learn Things about Science and Nature…

Science and Nature Surround Us

It would seem that Science and Nature would break down into two separate categories. However, if you take a moment you will realize they are inseparable. Let’s try it:

Chemistry Human metabolism, Earth’s atmosphere, Food, Soil ….
Geology Minerals and Gems, Volcanoes, Mountains, Canyons….
Physics Gravity, Shooting Star, Rainbows…
Biology Humans, Reptiles, Reproduction…
Botany Cacti, Redwoods, Prairie grass, Wildflowers….

Of course this table could go on and on. Science helps us make sense of the elegantly simple and infinitely complex world around us. Here at Go! Learn Things we believe that remaining curious about everything promotes well-being and contentment. We also believe that time spent in Nature exposes us to a whole host of physical and emotional benefits. So, stop and smell the roses…and explore the science of nature.


Geology is the science that deals with the earth’s physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it. This field of science brings us mountains and valleys, rocks and minerals, canyons, caves, volcanoes and glaciers.

Some of the most iconic physical structures on earth are found in the region of the Colorado Plateau. Here you find the a number of the most popular National Parks in America. Believe me there is plenty of Geology to learn in this region.

The presumably flat plains and prairies of the Midwest are packed with Geological gems. Even if you find yourself deep in an urban jungle you can visit a natural history museum and discover rocks, gems and fossils.

Zoology, Ornithology, Herpetology-Studies of Wildlife

I love wild birds and I am working hard to love reptiles. Discovering the unique wildlife of a region adds depth and richness to all travels.

Oceans and Marine life

Scuba diving has added underwater science to my curiosity. It has also made me a better global citizen. Respecting and protecting our oceans has become a new priority. Engage your curiosity and learn about sharks, whales, penguins etc…and learn how to participate in protecting our oceans.

Plant life

The flora you encounter in an exoctic locale or in your neighborhood park will enrich your well-being. Trees, wildflowers, grasses,cacti, fruits, the botanical wonders of earth are limitless. As humans, we could not survive without all these living growing plants. Throughout time, plants have served as food, shelter, clothing and medicine.

Get out there and discover Science and Nature

Discover the glory of the Cosmos

Seriously, never stop wondering about the physical world around you. The stars in the sky, weather patterns and even our own human bodies are puzzles to decipher and learn.

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Go! Learn Science and Nature

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