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Go! Learn Things  is swimming in beer. Suddenly, I drink craft beer exclusively, I plan “beercations” and I have started brewing beer in my garage. The beer industry plays a huge role in the American economy. This industry covers a vast array of topics and evokes strong opinions. It is a world as complex as the wine world, with diverse styles, experimental producers and avid fans.

Let’s Go! Learn Things about Craft Beer…

Craft Beer Intro

I admit, learning about Craft Beer is not really as esoteric as learning about History/Culture or Science/Nature. But it sure is fun and blends well with most adventures. There are various beer styles to learn, unique regional characteristics to discover and funky bearded brewers to meet.

Craft Beer Travels

Western Michigan craft beer
Right Brain Brewing

Craft breweries are popping up everywhere. It is a great way to meet some local business owners and taste their wares. A little research will help you find an opportunity near you. Be prepared, craft breweries are often in some unsexy buildings. Don’t let that deter your search.

Craft Beer Favorites

Tucson breweries craft beer
1912 Brewery pushes the envelope of traditional beer.

Although many locations have several craft breweries to visit, they are not all created equally. Also, each craft beer lover has his/her favored style. Here at Go! Learn Things we are looking for the all-around experience at a craft brewery. This includes, a hoppin’ atmosphere, friendly very knowledgeable servers, and a deep selection of styles of quality beer.

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