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You may not be able to have it all in life, but you can get closer when you focus on a balance of work and travel. The Millennial generation is committed to this philosophy and we can all learn from them. One of their priorities is taking frequent vacations. They understand the value of having more than one holiday each year. There are some basic techniques to combining your career with plenty of travel adventures.

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Travel Planning in the Digital Age

Travel in today’s digital age is now more accessible because of the ease to research and book online. You no longer have to plan months in advance. The internet gives travelers access to the best options and prices, even for last minute getaways.

It is easy to research and book travel adventures anytime, and from anywhere. You are no longer have to visit a travel agent, or send away for destination brochures. Travel planning can happen on your commute, during a coffee break or while you are binging on your favorite Netflix show. Distant time zones are no problem with the 24 hr cycle of the Internet.

Booming Travel Industry Creates Great Choices

Getting a better work and travel balance is easier these days thanks to the growing variety and number of travel focused businesses. International tourism, transportation services, leisure and hospitality providers are blossoming. To put this in context, the travel and tourism industry contributed an $8.8 trillion to the global economy in 2018.

These businesses are responding to consumer demand for a vast range of travel interests and ambitions. Climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, see the Northern Lights in Iceland, or camp out in the wilds of Mongolia? No problem, there is a business and most likely, an app for that. These experiences are easily accessed online. In seconds, you can set up a live chat with a trek provider in Borneo or sort out a kayak expedition in Norway.

Thanks to the variety and caliber of online help, 48% of smartphone users in the US report being entirely comfortable booking every aspect of their holiday on their device.

Employers honoring Work and Travel Balance

Create a work and travel balance-keep your day job AND travel

The best employers in the US know that winning the talent war often comes down to keeping staff loyal and motivated. This means supporting quality of life “outside the office”. Employers are investing in remote and/or flexible working patterns. Quick getaways are increasingly popular and employers granting long weekends are winning. Many companies also accommodate longer vacations, to support staff who are hungry to travel.

There is a growing awareness of mental health in the workplace and its impact on productivity. According to the American Psychological Association: “Taking time off helps the majority of US workers recover from stress and experience positive effects that improve their well-being and job performance.” There is value in maintaining a work and travel balance

Embrace the philosophy of “Carpe Diem”

Attitude is a major factor in combing a career with travel. If you’re determined to live every day like it’s an adventure, then you will certainly find adventure. For some people, that means only taking jobs that allow flexible scheduling. It might mean pursuing positions that include travel as part of the job. There is an entire market for jobs overseas and in far-flung locales.

Never forget, you can turn any trip into an adventure. There are opportunities for adventure and exploration near and far. It is time to take a closer look at your own work and travel balance.

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