About Me and Curiosity

Hi, I am a retired RN ready to spend the second half of my life exploring people, places and ideas.  I have a theory that an active sense of wonder and curiosity might help a person navigate the aging process.  It might not forestall the physical deterioration of aging, but maybe a spirit of questioning and exploring will help keep us “relevant” to modern society.

I simply believe that wonder and curiosity make life an ongoing adventure. In our ever more global and yet polarized society, we need people to open their minds and hearts to the world around them.  Travel and exploring is a great way to experience  “walking in another’s shoes”. Asking questions, whether it is of the person sitting next to me or of Google must surely expand our minds.  Even reading can take us on an adventure and journey of learning without ever leaving the comforts of home.

A life full of curiosity and wonder is a life well-lived!

Let's Go exploring together!!
Let’s Go exploring together!

Following my curiosity leads to a very dynamic life.  I never know where my next passion may take me.

Recent Curiosities: