To introduce the Curiosity portion of the blog I thought I would start with a great discovery I made while working with students.  The website Wonderopolis is absolutely one of my favorites.  It is literally a wealth of “wonders”.  Each day they post a new wonder idea.  They encourage readers to submit their own burning questions.  I know many teachers who use this site as a wonderful warm-up for their classrooms. Not only does this site teach students how to wonder and question their world it also gives amazing explanations.  They are very succinct and thorough.  They always include real life applications and suggestions for further research.  What a great way to train curiosity skills! Both adults and young people enjoy this site.

So, I wish there were an adult “Wonderopolis”.  Perhaps there is and I hope my readers will comment and share them with us.
I certainly use Google in this way but as we teach kids, Google searches require a strong sense of skepticism and discernment when seeking quality and veracity. Although Wikipedia could be considered the adult wonder station, I think we all know to take them with a grain of salt.  It is a good starting point but other sources are necessary. If all you need is to prove your buddies wrong on who was president in 1976, then it  is certainly good enough.  But if you are really looking to be Curious and broaden your understanding of your world there are other skills to hone.

There are many pundits that predict the doom of our society since the proliferation of the Internet.  I personally think it is an amazing tool for curiosity but only one of many in my toolkit.  I will share my Curiosity/Wonder resources and ways to utilize them on this blog.  Sometimes it will coordinate with traveling or a specific destination.  However, often it will simply be random musings.