The newest edition to the Go Learn Things’ arsenal is a sweet little  drone. The DJI Mavic joined us in April.  Just like any new member to the family, it has altered how we look at the world.  One would think that with our travels focused on motorcycles, diving, hiking, and photography we would hardly need to add any more excitement(or equipment).  The truth about curiosity-driven folks is that we are always on the hunt for the next cool idea. In our life, those ideas generally come in the form of expensive toys for big boys. A drone is a perfect fit.


Look, look, look what I bought!!



Mavic is one of the newer offerings from DJI, the primary manufacturer of recreational drones. This model is compact and nicely portable and sports a high quality camera operated with your smartphone. It is apparent that DJI has applied user feedback to the design of this new model. While I wouldn’t ever call it “idiot proof”, this drone does do a lot of thinking for you.  As travelers we  appreciate that it fits easily in our simple backpacks and goes through security without a hitch. As photographers we are impressed that it shoots 4K video and JPEG and RAW stills.


We love learning new things and this toy has several learning curves to tackle. The two major components of any drone will be the remote flying and the photography.  We will break down the lessons we have learned, the mistakes and epiphanies along the way.




Drone Lesson 1  A whole new world…..(new perspective)


Drone Lesson 2  Look up!…..(weather, wind, flight patterns, rules)


Drone Lesson 3 Social learning…(Instagram, Youtube,)