GO! Wisconsin


Wisconsin is chock full of obvious treasures and hidden gems.  It has bustling and diverse cities,rolling farm fields, acres of lakes and rivers, miles of deciduous and coniferous woods. While both coasts consider us provincial here in the Midwest, we are not lacking in history, culture, music, art, sports, innovation or extreme activities.

With the deluge of travel blogging and the subsequent social media platforms, the world seems to be shrinking.  Suddenly, I feel like neighbors with bloggers in Australia, Japan, Norway and Canada.  Many of the blogs focus on totally exotic and unheard of destinations.  The pull and excitement of those sites is undeniable . However, the people, experiences and photos from these bloggers leave most of us feeling left behind and inadequate in the travel realm. As I have mentioned before, I believe in living each day as an adventure full of delights and discoveries, even in my own backyard.

So this section of the blog will highlight my home state of Wisconsin.  Sometimes I will include locations outside of the state, still considered The Midwest,  but Wisconsin, or “Up North” to our neighbors in Illinois, will be my primary focus.  I grew up in Illinois, went to college in Iowa and landed in Wisconsin for my adulthood. I am often asked how we chose Wisconsin as our home-base.  I usually encounter this question in February when it is hardest to love Wisconsin.  As a kid growing up 90 miles to the south in the Chicago area I thought of Wisconsin as “vacationland”.  Thousands of urban escapees flock to Wisconsin’s vast forests and crystal clear lakes.  At 25 years old it seemed to make sense to live in vacationland instead of having to drive there every weekend.  For the most part this continues to be true 30 years later.

Milwaukee Art Museum
  Milwaukee Art Museum

Come along and discover something new.