Hiking Over 50


Muddy Hiking
Tom on a tough muddy hike in Kauai i


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We may have come to hiking too late in life. Our bodies have become chronic complainers and the 25 year old spirit imprisoned in this 56 year old vessel doesn’t appreciate the issue of aging. I hear my fellow Baby Boomers giving up a chorus of denial….”Noooo, it is never too late! Keep moving.” So in our mid fifties we are learning the art and joy (pains?) of hiking, a handful of Advil at a time.

Thanks to a fresh and long overdue appreciation of our planet, hiking is wildly popular right now.  It is a great inexpensive way to explore the outdoors in regions near and far.

All ages can find exhilaration or peaceful solitude. Zen or extremism. The “peak baggers” can check off another mountain summit.  Naturalists can check of flora and fauna, photographers can capture another waterfall and the Baby Boomers, just trying to stay fit, can get out of the stuffy gym and into the sunlight. We fit squarely in the latter group with a little wanderlust added to guide us beyond the paved bike path in our backyard.

3 on the mountain
Janet, Tom and Cousin Laila in Norway

We are not prepared to be left  behind!