Photography has always been an integral part of my travel experiences. Initially, photography captured memories and the typical tourist shots of iconic landmarks. Occasionally I would attempt to be creative while my restless family groaned in frustration. Once I started the travel blog, I knew I had to take serious action towards improving my photo skills. I have enjoyed this learning process so much, I want to share it with my readers. I want to encourage them to view their world as a photographer.

In today’s digital age, photography is accessible to everyone. Anything from a smart phone to the latest and greatest mirrorless systems, opens the door to photography. In addition, the availability of post-processing software encourages artistic and creative results.

I want to help you capture those once-in-a-lifetime travel shots, but I also want to help you move beyond the predictable and pedestrian shots. More than ever before, photography is available to all economic, age and skill levels.

Let’s Go! Learn from these Photography Tips…

Photography Tips

Equipment and Resources


In this section I will explain equipment in generic terms (i.e. no brand recommendations) as it regards to specific photography skills and genre. The “brand game” seems esoteric to me. All the brands have excellent qualities and a plethora of options.

It is not necessary to break the bank with your first camera set up. I recommend starting with an entry level DSLR that supports changing lenses. If a point and shoot is what you can afford, then start there. The initial learning curve is really more about composition, understanding light and finding your niche. Discovering what really gets your heart racing is important. Honing in on specific styles of shooting will help you make decisions about equipment and brands down the road. It will hopefully prevent you from buying lots of equipment someone told you to buy, but you never touch.

I will say that once you get to the point of expanding to lenses and accessories, you should settle on one brand so the equipment is compatible.


The most valuable resource is practice and experience. But beyond that obvious statement, the next most valuable resource is a community of fellow photographers.

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Photography Tips
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