Travel Planning Themes



In 2017 I introduced the 12 Travel Themes project.  See the link below to each of the original posts. As I wrote these I realized that they should be the cornerstone/structure for the blog. I will try to fit a post into one of these 12 categories every week.  I hope you find these inspirational and motivating.

Culinary Tourism

Fairs and Festivals

Historic Destinations


Boozy Trips

Outdoor Adventures

Urban Adventures


Scenic Road Trips

Literary Travels

The Arts





This series of 12 themes for travel planning is inspirational and thorough.

Part 1: Culinary Tourism
Part 2: Fairs and Festivals
Part 3: Historic Destinations
Part 4: Museums
Part 5: Boozy Trips
Part 6: Get Outdoors
Part 7: Agritourism
Part 8: Urban Adventures
Part 9: Scenic Road Trips
Part 10: Literary Travels
Part 11: The Arts

Part 12: Oddities