Craft Beer

Mother Bunch Brewing
My traveling companions are thirsty!!

My drink of choice was always wine.  Sure, I drank beer in college, cheap beer and plenty of it! However, as soon as I could afford it I converted to wine.  What I loved about wine was the incredible variety produced from a few simple ingredients. My curiosity was drawn to that of the winemaker. How did terroir, timing, and ingredient manipulation create such a vast range of possibilities?

Fast forward about 25 years and I find myself a certified Beer Snob.  A number of factors have played into the transformation. Probably the largest factor was an attempt to stay relevant with my adult children. I realize now that beer, like wine, presents a vast array of styles and experimentation. Thus, my curiosity has drenched me in the world of Craft Beer.

Pull up a bar stool and join me as we explore:

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